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Servicing the San Francisco Bay area, this Jewelry Appraiser specializes in the Insurance Replacement appraisal of fine jewelry, gemstones and diamonds. The San Francisco Gem Lab is headed by Barbra Voltaire, a fully qualified Gemologist and an enthusiastic Jewelry Historian.

All appraisals are carried out on a while-you-watch basis in a fully equipped gemological laboratory in Outer Richmond District. This means that you will never be without your jewelry and it is hoped that you find your appointment interesting and deepens your interest in your treasured possessions. Over the following couple of days, research will be carried out to establish the value of your items for your specific purpose and you will receive your report within 3-4 days of your appointment. Barbra not only has the standard gemological instruments that one would expect, but also has some advanced instrumentation such as a Raman & photoluminescence spectrometer, specifically built for gem testing and analysis. This cutting-edge technology married with her knowledge and experience ensures consistent, accurate and reliable identification and grading of gem materials.

This business offers a variety of reports for several purposes documentation can be prepared for insurance related situations, these could include:

  • Insurance Scheduling

  • Insurance Claims

  • Damage Reporting

Reports are also created for situations arising before and/or after a purchase, reports include:

  • Quality Confirmation

  • Purchase Price Evaluation

  • Sale Price Evaluation

Gemstone identification, quality assessment and diamond grading consultations are also available.
All these appraisal reports and consultations are offered to the jewelry trade, buying public, financial institutions, probate attorneys and the insurance industry.

Please contact SFGL to discuss your requirements by using the contact links at the top of this page.

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Quality Confirmation
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